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you either have a project or want o learn ansys maxwell, we can help you on both circumstances. send us paper you want to work on or explain us what do you want to do, we will get back to

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In order to achieve a correct answer you should have more skills other than simply simulation in ansys maxwell, you should be able to analyze results and be able to verify its correctness

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Initial Design

very complicated projects can be designed and studied with ansys maxwell electromagnetic software, it has a lot of abilities to help you complete your project more easily.

From past To future

First electrical rotary machine designed about 200 years ago, these machines and rotation of them changed human life style and still is changing it, humans won’t have fossil fuels in the next 200 years but we will still have rotation of electrical machines

Simulation & result

Analysis of results is very important in electrical machine design, you should be able to analyze whether your simulation results are correct or not.


Maxwell is a finite element software for wide range of electromagnetic based calculations and applications

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Why we need FEM

Ansys maxwell is considered a professional software, obviously a professional software should help educated people complete their work faster and easier I believe this is the main purpose of finite element analysis